How to Use Colored Acrylic Shapes for Wall Art

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    • 1). Plan and map out your idea for your wall art. Decide upon the size of the final piece, whether by the constraints of a frame or proportions with a wall. Decide whether you will use a matte and frame, or create a free-hanging piece. A repetitive pattern that does not require any cutting provides a simple and stylish option.

    • 2). Arrange your shapes into the desired image or pattern. If any of them need to be cut, measure them and then place them on a cutting board.

    • 3). Use a good blade if your pieces need to be cut. Stick to straight lines, and make the cuts using light, repetitive motions. Don't try to make a full cut on the first slice.

    • 4). Adhere your shapes to the matte board with glue. Use the glue in limited amounts around the entire piece and as close to the edge as possible. Or, for a free-hanging piece, glue the pieces to each other. If the pieces are too thin to glue to each other, adhere tiny clear plastic braces behind the pieces connecting each to the surrounding pieces.

    • 5). Let your piece dry completely before moving or hanging it.

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