Electricity Shortage is a Serious Problem in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has been facing electricity shortage for many years. In last few years this problem was not serious but in this year 2010 the problem has exceeded the common people's patient. People are facing heavy load shading problem. In this hot summer people have to stay ten to twelve hours without electricity. If the authority keeps run for one hour another one hour they have to stay without electricity.

Bangladesh is located in tropical region. So almost all the year is summer except few months. In summer season temperature rises up to 40 degree celcius. So, it's too hot. People cannot use AC or fan for load shading in this country when the electricity goes away.

Like other professionals students, businessman, online home worker, computer user, industrialists are badly victim of this problem seriously.

In this modern age the power is the main and fundamental demand for common people to the government but the government is failed to meet this demand.

After achieving independence the government has come and gone but no govt has thought about this essential service for common people. Specially ministry of power, Ministry of planning and chief of the country and ministry of finance are responsible for this situation. All of them has shown negligence in this important sector.

Bangladesh is a over populated country. more than 1617 peoples live in per square mile. To keep pace with population govt should establish power plant project but no govt has done this important job. So, common people of Bangladesh are frustrated to see this kind of attitude of Bangladesh Government. They have been suffering incredible inconveniences in this summer.

As a conscious citizen I am condemning all government's policy about electrification policy all over the country. Present government(Awamiligue) was also in power several times in the past. So, present government, past government (BNP) and Jatio Party all are also responsible for this present electricity crisis.

After entering in power no government has done nothing for development in this sector. So the present Government should proper steps to recover this problem on urgent basis. Simultaneously they should implement long term project which will be helpful to recover this power shortage and it will be in normal position for next 50 years. From now they have to take plan and pass it in the Bangladesh parliament.

I hope the present Govt and all other major political parties in BD WILL BE alerted. If they continue their negligence in power sector the common people of Bangladesh will be rebel soon. They will come out in the street and snatch power from the non qualified goverment.

The writer of this article is an online worker but due to load shading problem many computer and Internet workers including the author are badly affected to doing their job in Bangladesh.

You can visit of his blog here
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