Thank You Messages - How to Send Unforgettable Gifts

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We all receive gifts - at Christmas, on birthdays, or even as a thank you.
Often these are quickly forgotten about! Occasionally, however, a gift will stick in our memories.
But what was so special about that gift? And why do we still remember it now? Let's start with the first question - what makes a particular gift different, or special? Well, the answer is simple; we all seek to add value to our lives.
The gifts we cherish most are those that add value when the need is most.
For example, fresh flowers may be appreciated more when an individual needs cheering up etc.
So what of the second question - why do we still remember those special gifts? Assuming a gift adds real value to your life, the result of this should be a measurable, and positive change in your circumstances.
As we generally only remember the highlights of our lives (and highlights are usually associated with a change in circumstances), any gift that manages to affect a positive change on our circumstances will instantly become a highlight.
Think about your school years.
Do you remember each and every day? Of course not; you remember the highlights such as your first and last days, passing an exam, or a stern ticking off! These are all examples of changes in our circumstances, for better or worse.
Thus, we can now identify the 2 criteria necessary to send unforgettable gifts.
In short, we must:
  • add value to our recipient's life where there is a clear and definable need
  • affect a positive change in our recipient's circumstances
Armed with this information, we will now fill in the blanks and prepare a simple strategy to send unforgettable gifts.
Find the subject matter for your gift.
Assess your recipient's current circumstances.
Identify a genuine need - shortlist gift types to satisfy this need.
The best way to complete these 3 tasks is to concentrate on your recipient's gripes, moans and complaints, NOT their obvious interests, hobbies or pastimes etc.
Surprised? Then read on...
Gift Example:You plan to thank a friend whom you've noted consistently pursues a particular hobby.
After a moment's thought, you have the perfect subject matter for your gift, right? Wrong! In all probability, your friend will own the necessary equipment and be savvy to the latest techniques; an instructional guide or some new materials for their hobby would just be a waste of money.
However, you've also noted that your friend frequently complains of the cold.
Instead of the obvious hobby materials or instructional guide, you present your friend with a fashionable scarf or a hat or gloves etc.
Now would this add real value to your recipient's life? YES, of course it would.
And is it likely to affect a positive change in their circumstances? Definitely! Get the idea? Satisfy a genuine need, not what you perceive to be their main interest, and you've found the perfect subject matter for your thank you gift.
Assess the suitability of specific gifts - Now that you have your chosen subject matter, it's time to single out possible gifts.
Set a budget and stick to it like glue! Write it down if it helps.
Paying over the odds will place too much emphasis on your recipient's reaction and gratitude when you present the gift.
Determine the most appropriate gift.
Set some time aside when you won't be disturbed.
The internet is ideal for researching gifts, however, if your preference is to visit the local shopping center, be sure to make your gift a priority - don't combine your efforts with the weekly shop or a family outing etc.
- you're certain to get pressured into a quick purchase.
Deliver your gift with humility - Nobody likes to be told what's best for them! Don't sensationalize your efforts when presenting the gift.
Instead, explain your gift using the testimony of others - then - explain the reason for the gift.
For example, instead of: This is just what you need, it took me ages to find such a perfect gift...
you could say (or write) the following:123 magazine claim this is great for doing A, B and C...
I bought it to say thank you for X, Y and Z the salesman said you'll get X, Y and Z from this...
it's just to say thank you for being A, B and C or even...
people always say this will cheer you up...
well, this is my way of saying thank you.
Much like a product testimonial, you're allowing the words of others to explain the benefits of your gift, and as such, your gift is far less likely to visit the skip! In addition, the reason for your gift should appear the most important part of your message.
We recommend that you follow the above steps, in order, and as described.
The end result is definitely worth the extra effort.
If you manage to source a gift that adds real value to your recipient's life, affects a positive change on your recipient's circumstances, and is presented with humility - then your gift is sure to be cherished, and will be remembered for years to come!
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