How to Make a Monitor Cable

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    • 1). Cut the cable to the desired length, allowing for some slack when the monitor is connected.

    • 2). Strip 1 inch of the outer insulation from the cable without nicking the inner conductors. Strip approximately 1/4 inch of insulation from each of the inner conductors.

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      A clip such as this one can be used in place of a professional "Helping Hands" soldering tool.pic clip image by Gemma Williams from

      Mount a D-sub solder connector solder-side up in the "Helping Hands" soldering tool or on some sort of improvised holder.

    • 4). Insert a conductor into one of the pins in the center of the connector to the full depth of the connector. Apply a hot soldering iron to the conductor where it meets the connector. While doing this, touch the tip of the solder to the conductor to allow solder to flow into the connector and fill the small cup that is holding the conductor.

    • 5). Solder a conductor into each pin on the connector. Repeat this process on the other end of the cable using the exact same color for each pin so that each pin has a direct connection to the same pin on the other end of the cable.

    • 6). Inspect each connection to ensure there is ample solder, but not too much. Excessive solder will short two pins together. Ensure there is ample insulation on the conductors so that they cannot short during use.

    • 7). Attach a hood to each end of the cable.

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