Remove Hair Loss Problem With Fish Oil

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Is there really a fish oil hair growth connection? Can you stop hair loss with fish oil? Well, it could help.
It really depends on the cause.
Here you can learn about the possible causes and what you can do about them.
It might not be just a matter of improving your appearance.
It's not just your vanity that is at stake.
It could be a symptom of poor health.
The most common and important causes of hair loss are chemical and hormonal imbalances.
These can occur as a result of aging, illness or nutritional deficiencies.
Low protein in the diet, selenium or a zinc deficiency can be a problem.
But, any nutritional deficit in the diet can affect the health of your hair, skin and nails.
They are all very similar and have similar needs.
The fish oil hair growth connection has to do with the nutrients, primarily essential fatty acids that it contains.
Essential fatty acid deficiency will first cause excessively dry skin.
But, when a person has that type of deficiency, there whole bodies will suffer.
What hair they have will look thin and lifeless.
Their nails will be thin and brittle.
Prescription medication can also be a cause of hair loss.
One study looked not so much at the fish oil hair growth connection, but at the protection from chemotherapy-induced baldness.
The researchers found that supplementation with one of the essential fatty acids (DHA) did seem to protect against hair loss due to chemotherapy.
If you really want to stop losing your hair, you need a complete plan.
The first step is to look at your diet.
If you are not getting at least a half a gram of protein for every pound that you weigh, you are not getting enough.
Hairs are actually protein strands, believe it or not.
The second step is to improve your total nutritional intake.
No matter how healthy your diet, it is not possible to get all of the nutrients necessary for optimum good health from food alone.
Besides, there are some botanicals, like saw palmetto that are particularly good your hair, skin and nails.
Some of the better multi-nutritional supplements contain it.
The third step is to use a good natural herbal based shampoo.
There are several on the market.
Some of them have been proven in clinical studies to help men re-grow their hair over the course of five months.
All of the fish oil hair growth studies, other than the one concerning chemotherapy-induced baldness, have been conducted using animals.
It has not been shown to reverse hair loss, but several beneficial effects have been noted that would be relevant for people undergoing chemotherapy.
Because of those animal studies, clinical studies were conducted and that's how they found that DHA protects against baldness and, in most cases, neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.
It is safe to say that the fish oil hair growth connection is not well established.
But, since there are many other benefits to your health, you might add it as the fourth step in your overall plan.
And now, see my website listed below for more information on fish oil hair growth.
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