Treatment for Dry Skin When Flying

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Whether a once a year vacation or weekly business meeting, when you visit the airport, your skin takes a beating.And dry skin is the most common complaint.

Follow our skin care tips for the treatment for dry skin, so you can take care of your skin properly and arrive moisturized.

1. The Morning of Flight, Skip the Full Face Foundation

Instead of foundation, go with a tinted moisturizer.You'll have coverage without the drying effects of makeup.And if it's less than three ounces, bring it along for a layover. Simply reapply if you're feeling dry and flakey.

2. Buy a Bottle of Water for the Flight

While you can't bring it from home, you can pick one up at a convenience store or kiosk after you pass security.If you bring it from home, they'll make you throw it away.Yes, you'll get a beverage on flight usually, but if you have your own bottle, you'll be more likely to drink it.Keeping hydrated on the inside will help your skin stay hydrated on the outside.

3. Put an Airport-Approved Body Moisturizer in your Carry-On Bag

All liquids, including lotions have to be three ounces or less if you want to bring them in your carry on bag.You can purchase a small container of lotion or just purchase a travel bottle to fill with your own.Make sure you grab a small zip-lock bag to put them in when passing security.If you forget, they usually have one you can use.You may want to choose a neutral scent to avoid irritating your neighbor who may have an aversion to strong scents.

4. Bring a Hydrating Mist for In-Flight Treatment

A hydrating mist such as Juice Beauty's Hydrating Mist is perfect for in flight application. Simply spray a couple of pumps onto your face for instant hydration.It also feels great and helps cool you down if you're on a warm airplane.

5. Skip the Alcohol

While it may help to relax you if you're nervous about flying, the affect of alcohol will be dry skin.Drink water, and read a magazine or book or bring along your ipod.Having something to distract you will help you as much, if not more than a glass of wine.If you just can't pass it up, drink lots of water afterward.
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