How to Cite a Web Page in Text Parenthetically

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    • 1). Find the name of the author for the article on the website you are citing, as well as the name of the organization hosting the information. You will also need the publication date of the content, regardless of what style guide you're using.

    • 2). Use the first word of the full source for your entry. This is most often the author's last name, but it can also be the title or the publishing organization if that appears first in the full citation --- for example, "This is a sentence. (Roberts)." MLA style does not use URLs for in-text parenthetical citations. If you're using APA style and referring to a website, you can include the basic URL parenthetically.

    • 3). Enter the full source on your Works Cited page in MLA style. You do not need to include the URL in MLA style unless required by your instructor. For MLA full citations you will need the author (if available), source title, publishing source, date published, publication medium (in this case, "Web") and the date you accessed the page. For instance, "Roberts, Bob. Website Title. Website Publisher, 01 January 2011. Web. 01 May 2011." If there is no apparent publisher use "n.p." and if there's no publication date use "n.d." If you need to include a URL, add it to the end of the cited work --- for example, "<>."

    • 4). Enter the full source on your Works Cited page in APA style. If your manuscript or paper is in APA style, you will include the URL on the Works Cited page. APA uses the author, publication date, title and URL when citing the full source --- for example, "Roberts, Bob. (01 January 2011). Website Title. Retrieved from"

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