TDMore Released Free DVD Copy Software

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TDMore recently released a piece of free software - Free DVD Copy v1.0.0.3. It can help users copy a DVD to a blank DVD disc or to the hard drive of a PC, totally free of charge. Read on for more.

* About TDMore Free DVD Copy
TDMore Free DVD Copy is a free copy software which can copy all the content or the main movie title of a DVD to a blank disc, or to the hard drive of a PC saved as an ISO image file or a movie folder/fileset. And it boasts of a 10-20 minute copy speed on its official website, which is superior to most of the popular software of its kind

* Compared with TDMore DVD Copy
TDMore DVD Burner is a cost version of copy software. Then what's the difference?
Free DVD Burner has two copy modes: Full Disc and Main Movie. No Free Copy then has two more modes: Clone and Customize. DVD Burner can clone DVD in 1:1 ratio, compress a DVD 9 to a DVD 5, and customize the titles, while Free Copy can't. So, the free version will meet regular copy needs, while the cost version is for more specific and flexible use.

* Other Products:
TDMore DVD Converter realized 10-minute DVD to video conversion
It's amazing if what they announced is true, that is, TDMore Software has improved DVD Converter's speed and the conversion from a DVD disc to a video can be expected within 10 minutes now, with the precondition that the computer handling the task should have an Intel Core i5 Processors.

* New trial logic benefits users
TDMore has introduced a new trial logic to all products -- DVD, Blu-ray Copy, DVD Converter, and Blu-ray Converter. Before this version, all TDMore software can only be tried out with full function for one backup or conversion task. Now the number has been increased to three. As a result, users have more time and hand-on experience to understand the software better and make their decision doubtlessly.

* Other improvements and fixes
-- Added "Activate" and "Buy Now" buttons on the main interface.
-- Added on-screen tips for button operation.
-- When using a specific user account to activate one TDMore product, other products under that account will automatically be activated.
-- Fixed the problem that switching copy mode or profile takes too much time.

* About TDMoreï¼?
TDMore, with the name implying "To Do More", is a new brand focused on multimedia solutions by TDMore Software. It contains four products including TDMore DVD Copy, TDMore DVD Converter, TDMore Blu-ray Copy and TDMore Blu-ray Converter. All TDMore products are designed to provide users the best home video entertainment experience.

TDMore Software
Johnson Chang: +86-010-84918587
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