Is caffeine good or bad for me?

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Did you know March is Caffeine Awareness Month? It's true! Put down that coffee for a second and join us as we try to make you a bit more, well, aware, of the impact that caffeine has on your body - both good and bad.**

**As always, before making any decision about your health, please consult your doctor.

1. What is caffeine?

Caffeine is the common name for trimethylxanthine and is naturally produced by several plants, including coffee beans, guarana, yerba maté, cacao beans, and tea. 

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2. How does caffeine work?

Simply put, caffeine causes changes in the chemicals of your brain. It mimics adenosine, and binds to all the adenosine receptors in your brain. This prevents the real adenosine from doing its job, which happens to be the slowing down of nerve impulses and the causing of drowsiness. This is why caffeine can sometimes keep us awake. 

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3. Caffeine and headaches

Yes, headaches suck. There are three major links between caffeine and headaches:
  • Caffeine headaches are headaches caused by too much caffeine. 
  • Caffeine withdrawal headaches occur when you have developed a caffeine addiction and then suddenly reduce or eliminate your caffeine consumption. 
  • But, for regular headaches and even migraines, caffeine can have a curative effect, too.

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4. Caffeine and stress

Caffeine in small doses can lift your mood and give you a little boost. But, if you a have lot of caffeine, you may feel your mood soar and plummet, leaving you craving more caffeine to make it soar again. This may cause you to lose sleep, suffer health consequences and, of course, feel more stress.  

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5. Caffeine and dehydration

There is a correlation between dehydration and caffeine consumed in large amounts equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee (250-300 mg). The effect is a need to urinate and the result is dehydration.  This can impact professionals who require maximum hydration, including athletes and singers

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6. Caffeine and infertility

The possible connection between caffeine, fertility, and miscarriage rates is commonly in the news, but whether or not caffeine actually leads to lowered fertility is unclear. While some studies have shown an effect on fertility, other
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