Looking For The Ideal Life

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OK, during your life; you have spent many years in the perfect relationship, your career has been rewarding, money is never an issue, your health couldn't be better and you are living your dream life day in and day out...
come on...
get real here.
Stuff happens to all of us - some stuff we have brought on ourselves while other things may have broadsided us out of nowhere, but in the end no one escapes pain, struggle, adversity, problems, disappointment and even failure sooner or later.
Life isn't perfect or ideal and never will be because of what you have, who you are with, where you live, what you own or what you do with the time you are given but with and only with your ability to manage success and accomplishment or adversity, challenges, change and circumstances or people that in the end unexpectedly rocked your world in a negative or even destructive way.
I can't tell you how many people I have met during my world travels as a speaker who always had something in their life where they felt like a victim or out of control.
It could be as simple as a late airplane trip or a slow waiter or waitress that send some people over the edge.
Like to live the ideal life? You can but it won't be without negatives of some kind sooner or later.
Stuff happens to all of us that we don't feel we deserve or want so - the question remains - how do you handle this stuff or do you let it control or even ruin your life? The ideal life is not lived in fantasy-ville or paradise but in the midst of everyday circumstances - some deserved and some not, some teaching us while others leaving us wondering - why me, why now? Ideal (meaning) - an excellent or perfect example of something or somebody, or something that is considered a perfect example.
Perfect - without errors, flaws, or faults, complete and lacking nothing essential, excellent or ideal in every way.
Put these two together and well, I guess you have the perfect life, career.
business or relationship.
Know anyone who has all this? If you do I'll guarantee if you could peek behind closed doors you would quickly discover that it wasn't true, that they just wanted everyone to think it was true.
Is searching after the ideal life a worthwhile venture? Well, again it depends on how you choose to define ideal.
Is it circumstances? Money? Fame? Power? Control? Or some other situation or set of circumstances? For me the ideal life is living with inner peace, contentment, acceptance and courage plus the willingness to grow, change, learn and adjust.
I know many very successful business people, professionals in all walks of life, famous athletes, celebrities and millionaires and I have to tell you - for most of them there is still something lacking in their life, when they have the courage to confess.
The ideal life is not created by money, control, ego dominance or lifestyle but by an inner acceptance that life happens and our role or responsibility is to do the best we can with what we are given and then learn, grow and move on to the next lesson or season with calm, confidence, faith and poise.
If you are searching for the ideal life and haven't found it yet regardless of your age, gender or current circumstances you may be looking in the wrong place or the wrong direction.
Don't believe me - there are over 100,000,000 people on dating sites looking for the perfect or ideal life, partner - whatever and guess how many people find what they are looking for? Very few and do you know why? They don't really know what they want.
It's hard to find what you want if you don't know what it is, so you just keep searching, followed by disappointment, search some more and this process just continues for many years until one day you wake up and discover that the ideal life is not out there but inside you.
Until then you will waste days, time, money and energy hoping that the ideal life will miraculously appear from a career, person or situation.
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