Gallery Wooden Frames And Canvas Printing

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There is many ways of brightening up your home and having canvas prints displayed on your walls is one of the great ways of doing that. Printing your photo on canvas is like an art form in its self. The canvas printing that is done by the professional canvas printers can do lots of different things to your images before printing it to canvas. Some of those things would be having the image changed to a different colour and some of the other things would be to have a different finish to the frame work and how its stretched around the canvas print.

When you get your normal pictures printed and your looking too hang them on your walls then you ideally want them to look great and some ways of doing that would be to get some colourful picture frames or indeed a different type of wooden frame that would draw in the eye and look great so what do you have as an option when it comes to having some canvas prints made up from those very same photos. Well firstly canvas prints will come as standard with an 18mm or indeed a 2cm thickness frame, this should really be the most basic at least size that you would expect to come with any type of canvas printing you have done from your images, if the company your getting your canvas prints from is only offering the canvas and not the frame then I would either ask then to included the frame or it might be an idea to look somewhere that offer the canvas print already stretched and stapled to the frame otherwise it might be a little tricky to do yourself if you have no experience with frame and printing. Some people prefer to frame there canvas print them selfs but its recommend to get your canvas printer to do this for you, after all it should comes as a free service when your purchase a canvas print.
So yes having a frame at least a standard 18mm deep frame would look great and would be a lot easier if the canvas printing specialist has it already framed for you before they post it out to you. Another great idea when choosing your frame depth would be to either ask the canvas printers what they offer in terms of different frame depths as some already have this advertised on their websites to help you select the canvas print frame depth you want but if they done have it on their website then you might want to ask them if they have any other stretcher bar frame thickness as other sizes that you might find would be a 38mm wooden frame for canvas printing which is called a gallery frame. This is basically for if you want your canvas prints to stand right out from the rest and to have a really artistic feel to it once hung on the wall. But if you really wanted to push the boat out and go for an even thicker frame size in depth for your canvas print the getting some 50mm museum frames for your canvas art prints may be a good idea for you if youre using canvas prints to exhibit your artwork at an exhibition or indeed if your want to show your photography off to some potential clients then the museum stretcher bars frame would look great for your canvas printing needs. Having this size thickness in your home may prove to stick a bit too much though so just so you know that they really are thick at this size but great to show off for showing your canvas artwork off if needed.
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