Oneness Connection

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I believe we are all connected in this wonderful expansive oneness.
Where we are on the pathway solely depends on where love fits into our plan.
Love is the whole reason for existence.
Love for our brothers and sisters and everything else connected to creation.
How close we hit the mark of total love is determined by our expression of ourselves towards others and all.
Believing in others may be difficult at times, but we must in order to shine.
We are born in a world where there is confusion and chaos.
But within this chaos there is also a place within us that we can find serenity and peace as individuals.
We do that by realizing our oneness (connectiveness) and sending loving vibrations towards the chaos through the starting place of prayer and meditation, while keeping a conscious contact with Spirit.
Everyday there are wonderful opportunities to expand this love.
Driving down the street you may see someone with a "Will Work for Food" sign.
You wonder to yourself, is it appropriate to give this person a couple of dollars? That answer will come from within, nonetheless we can always send out our loving energy towards that person.
Do this with a heart vibration asking your angels to communicate with his/her angels sending love, respect and honor.
Praying the person acquires opportunities in their life to strive and thrive.
When we see a baby we are looking at the purest form of innocent energy.
Babies do not know yet the world is full of obstacles and hindrances.
They look at the world eyes wide open ready to learn and explore.
Sometimes as the baby grows they fall.
But they always continue on after the quest of what's next with their motor potentials.
As adults sometimes it may be good to take lessons from babies.
When we fall, how easy is it to continue our growth and exploration? With the inner guidance from those surrounding us (angels, guides and loved ones) we can move forward even among the most difficult challenges.
The Oxford Group Movement, a group that was formed to help each other out of the damaging effects of over indulgence to alcohol, came up with a premise of the Four Absolutes.
They believed in order to recover one must live within the moral code of striving towards absolute honesty, unselfishness, love and purity.
The story basis of Les Miserables portrays the four absolutes passionately.
In this story a man Jean Valjean, was a heartless convict who was transformed by a single act of mercy.
Jean Valjean in the story has risen from his own unfortunate demise and in that rising he helped countless people to lead a better life.
My belief is the four absolutes is a wonderful way to strive towards the ultimate gift, helping others.
Helping others is our gift to the world, the gift of giving of ourselves and in return strengthening our inner connectiveness to the oneness source.
So it comes back to love.
If we strive towards unselfishness, honesty and purity we are reaching towards loving others through respect, integrity and honoring their oneness source.
The word Namaste means, "I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace, When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.
" Again it comes back to Love- Loving Oneself Victorious Evolution Namaste, Laura Lyn ©2007
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