7 Foods To Say “No” To While On Joint Pain Treatment

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Most people suffering from chronic joint pain or inflammation tend to survive on medication or pain killers. A more effective way to cure the disease is to void certain eateries and go on a regulated. Cutting down certain dietary elements will bring about a significant change in your joint pain and will work towards improving its condition rather than simply suppressing it through the years.

While the arthritis and inflammation patients are often prescribed a healthy diet consisting of Vitamins C & D, omega - 3 fatty acids, probiotics and many more, they will not bear considerable effects until and unless you stop consuming harmful food items. Some of the food items detrimental to joint pain sufferers have been listed below.

Arachidonic Acid

When you consume foods with high concentration of Arachidonic acid, the body in response produces substances that prop up inflammation. It is the first step to the increase in swelling or soreness in joints. Avoiding the ingestion of items like pork and domesticated beef that are high in Arachidonic acid will reduce the chances of aggravating the pain and inflammation.

Hydrogenated Fats

Man made fats or better known as hydrogenated or trans fats are manufactured to make the oils stay solid at room temperatures for a longer shelf life of the baked items in which they are incorporated. Since these man- made fats are unrecognized by our body, they have a limited capacity to breakdown and utilize them properly for deriving energy. So, read the labels of the products and discard the ones with inflammation aggravating hydrogenated fats.

Processed Foods

Consumption of processed beef, margarine, pork, domesticated beef are likely to increase the risks of inflammation and soreness. The additives, flavorings, added colors and preservatives are responsible for aggravating joint pain and swelling.


Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, primentos, hot and sweet peppers are rich in alkaloids which have a negative impact on joint, muscle and nerve health. These foods are rich in cholinesterase which tends to inhibit the glycoalkaloids and steroids and causes arthritis by increasing the pain and inflammation. It also causes arthritis flare ups in acute patients. In such cases the soreness loses its effect after 48 hours.


Many arthritis affected patients are also found to be Gluten intolerant. This chemical compound mainly found in oats, wheat, rye and barley can be a hidden cause behind the sudden pain and swelling in the joints. Oats and wheat which are considered to be healthy foods should be avoided by joint pain sufferers and replaced by rice crackers, nuts, seeds, tuna and olive oil.


Carbohydrates or high sugar content food items should be consumed in very less amounts by people suffering from chronic joint problems. Sugar is known to exacerbate inflammation and ache. An increase in the amount of sugar intake results in weight gain which thereby causes additional stress on joints.

Dairy Products

Milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt should be strictly avoided by arthritis and joint ache patients. The dairy protein rather than animal protein present in these products is solely responsible for producing inflammation in such patients.

Apart from this you need to take up supplements on a regular basis in order to reduce the effects of the soreness and swelling. Flex protex, a natural supplement for joint pain patients is extremely effective in healing joints and arthritis symptoms and also provides the body with nutrients for stronger and healthier muscles and bones.
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