Remedies For Your Dry Skin

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Let's make one thing clear before we delve into the causes, symptoms and treatments of dry skin...
this is a problem that is absolutely solvable and sometimes the answer is a lot more simple than you may think.
If you have been covering up this problem thus far by using make-up or any other creams designed to only mask the problem, then read on as we hope to give you enough information in this article to help you in the long term.
Dry skin is a lot more common than you might think.
Unfortunately some people are affected by this problem more than others, especially in the winter months when humidity is lower in the air.
When the body produces less oil in the skin than normal, the result can be a scaling of the skin, cracks appearing due to the oil glands producing less oil and tightness around the affected area.
The most important thing to remember is the health of your skin should be the number one goal whilst pursuing any treatments.
No matter where the location, the reason or the season, dry skin is not mandatory and simple choices and actions made today can have an enormous effect tomorrow.
Avoid Hot Showers: Okay, I know you love to have those steaming hot showers that you think are soothing your body and washing away any stress you may be feeling, but the hot water is stripping away the natural oils in your body, so in future, make sure the water is warm and not so hot.
Replace the Oils: As I have said already, dry skin can be caused by different things, but one thing that is constant is that your body hasn't enough oil to seep through your skin for that supple freshness.
So make sure that you replace the oils by applying some more after you finished showering.
Any oil will do the job here but we recommend picking one that you are comfortable with and stick to it.
Avoid Harsh Soaps: If you are not using "Dove" soaps then it is time to start.
Doctors have unanimously recommended this soap as the number one product when it comes to looking after your skin.
Most other soaps work to strip away the essential oils in your skin and if you couple that with hot showers then you can be assured your skin is being mistreated as a result.
Don't Rub:
I'm not talking about your partner or lover here, I'm simply suggesting that when you step out of that "warm shower" make sure when you are drying off that you pat-pat-pat your skin dry.
Again, like harsh soaps and hot water, your skin is being abused by rubbing dry your skin.
Drink Plenty of Water: This should be a no-brainer for everybody but incredibly overlooked by most.
If you have dry skin (which I guess you have) then how much water do you drink each day.
If you do not drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water each and every day, then I suggest you make this change quick-smart on the double.
This one change alone can be enough to replenish your skin so start today.
Baby Lotions: Most adult lotions on the market today can contain unnatural chemicals that cause dryness of the skin, so the best lotions to use are baby lotions.
How about trying "honey" yes, honey is one of the best natural moisturizers.
Try putting some onto your skin 10 minutes before going for a bath, this can do wonders for your skin.
Eat Fish: Yes, fish as we all have heard contains essential fatty acids which are fantastic for optimum health (as a fitness expert, I have recommended fish intake to my clients for years) but did you know that Salmon can do wonders for dry skin? Cut Out or Cut Down on Smoking, Alcohol and Caffeine: Seriously, I shouldn't need to point this one out but the main destroyers of skin are the above three if used consistently or excessively.
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