Games to Practice Keyboard Typing

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    • Learn to type or practice skills with typing games.keyboard image by Fyerne from

      Learning to type can be a daunting task for beginners, whether they are children or older adults. Keyboard tutoring games aim to make learning to type, or practicing existing skills, an enjoyable task. Games for younger typists feature colorful graphics and cartoon characters to keep them motivated, while games for adults may include addictive, arcade-style gameplay or tests to track their progress. Some of these games cost nothing, but others require purchasing after a trial period.

    "Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.7," Free 10 Day Trial, $29.95 After

    • "Ten Thumbs" aims at a younger audience, with cheerful Vikings and other characters guiding the typing lessons. The game features support for seven languages, and it can also connect with Apple iTunes to let users practice typing the lyrics to their favorite songs.

    "10 Finger BreakOut -- Free Typing Game 6.2," Free

    • Those familiar with the arcade game BreakOut will enjoy the extra challenge this game offers. Correctly typing a passage will launch balls at the enemies and layers of bricks above. By breaking all of the colorful bricks, players advance to the next task. This game works well for adults and children alike.

    "Bruce's Unusual Typing Wizard 1.5," Free

    • This software combines games and tests for beginners as well as those looking to brush up on their skills. The game can store data for several users, and tracks their own individual typing pattern while providing personalized hints and tips for improvement.

    "Rapid Typing Tutor 3.3," Free

    • Both beginners and more advanced typists can learn from "Rapid Typing Tutor." The game works by scrolling lines of text across the screen at a speed based on the typist's previous performances. Users must copy the text as it scrolls by, helping to improve focus, accuracy and timing.

    "TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor 7.01.794," Free for Two Lessons, $29.90 After

    • "TypingMaster" entails various modes and tests to challenge novice typists. Using "Satellite" mode, the program watches users as they type in various programs, like word processors, and provides custom advice based on typical habits and errors made.

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