What Items Will I Need to Be Nicki Minaj for Halloween?

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    • Nicki Minaj is rarely seen sporting her natural hair color. One of her favorite wigs to wear on the red carpet and in her music videos is long and bright pink. Purchase this type of wig at a wig shop or beauty supply store. Halloween costume shops have wigs as well. Minaj has also been seen wearing a light blonde wig, and even something as bright as a blue or purple wig. Having standout hair is one of the things that makes Minaj unique, so you must have a noticeable hair style. It does not matter if it is long or short, as long as it gets attention.


    • Minaj's look has been described as a "Barbie" look when it comes to makeup. She favors light, bright pink lipstick, loads of false eyelashes and dramatic eyeliner and eyeshadow. Match your eyeshadow to the outfit you are wearing. The darker the eye makeup, the better. Use liquid liner to create a winged look. Finish off with a little glitter dust to add some sparkle.


    • The rapper frequently wears tight, revealing clothing. A one-piece jumpsuit or leotard work well, as does a low-cut top with a miniskirt and tights. Vibrant colors and out-there styles are her signature. A push up bra adds cleavage, as Minaj always wears revealing tops. Anything tight, short, sparkly or bright is appropriate for this costume. Minaj also has Chinese characters tattooed on her arm, so be sure to get some temporary tattoos that look similar hers.


    • In addition to her hair, makeup and clothes, Minaj's shoes are also outrageous. Tall stilettos, ridiculous platforms and thigh-high boots are just a few styles Minaj has been seen wearing. When it comes to shoes, the sky is the limit. Match the shoes to the outfit you pick, but make sure they are not flat or dull. Shiny, colorful, embellished shoes with heels so high you can barely walk are a necessity for a Nicki Minaj costume.

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