How to Change the Last Name on a Deed of Property

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    • 1). Prepare a quitclaim deed. A quitclaim deed is the fastest method in many states. Work with an attorney or use forms provided by your county recorder to quitclaim the property back to yourself under your new name. In some states, you can't deed property to yourself. In this instance, use a straw deed. Quitclaim the property to another party, such as your spouse or attorney, and then that party can immediately quitclaim it back to you.

    • 2). Execute the deed. Sign the deed in the presence of a notary and have the signature witnessed and notarized. If you need to use a straw deed, the other party must include notarized signatures, as well. You do not have to sign at the same time, but you cannot file without all signatures.

    • 3). File the deed. Make copies of any relevant deeds and keep them for your records. Then, you or your attorney file the deeds with the county recorder. Pay any document stamps or filing fees. Keep copies of the receipts for stamps or fees.

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