What Are The Top Ways To Earn Extra Money From Home?

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What are the top ways to earn extra money from home? This is a very good question, and depending on who you ask will determine the answer that you'll get.
For example, if you ask someone that has been in the medical field for 30 years and is looking to retire soon, you might get in home health care as an answer.
If you ask someone that's has been a teacher, you may get an in home day care center as a response.
What's my point? It's simply this.
The top ways to earn extra money from home will be relative to what the person has been doing.
Confused? Don't be.
It just means this.
We tend to do or want to do what we've done already, and are familiar with.
It's human nature and that's fine.
However, if we continue to think in that manner, we will never break out of the box.
I often as myself 3 questions before I jump into something new.
What's the initial investment? - Can I afford what it costs to get started? If we really stop and think.
Many times the cost to start a new business is wasted many times over on things we can't even put our hands on.
So the question is really...
Can I really afford not to invest in myself? What are my chances of success? - This is a very good question.
We should look at how needed or desired the product or service is and how many other people are involved in the product or service.
These are large determining factors.
However, there is always enough business for everyone.
Look up the 80/20 rule.
Can I do what's required to be successful? - This may be the most important question of the 3.
Can I do what's required to earn extra money from home? My answer is usually.
I have no choice.
I have to do what's required, if I want to make some money.
Now, having asked myself these 3 questions, and considering my work history.
My answer to the question of what are the top ways to earn extra money from home would all be related to making money online.
My work history varies from life guard, to musician, to working in music store, selling real estate, garbage man, and contractor, all in no particular order.
The common denominator with everything I've done or will do is people.
The one commodity that the internet has more of than anywhere on earth is people.
So with all that babble out of the way.
My top ways to earn extra money from home are all based on a home based business that allows you to make money online.
Now I know you may be saying that you have no desire to run a home based business.
You don't have to.
I call it a home based business because you're working for your self.
Imagine that.
Some really great ways to make money online include: online tutor, computer programmer, proof reader, web designer, taking online surveys, blogger, placing ads, etc.
There are many online options available to you and millions if not billions being made.
Get your piece of the pie today!
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