How to Repair a Toilet Overflow Tube

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    • 1). Turn off the water supply for the toilet. Connected to the bottom of the toilet tank is the water supply hose. Follow this back to the wall to locate the water supply shutoff valve. Rotate the knob clockwise to shut off the water.

    • 2). Remove the tank lid. Flush the toilet to empty all the water. Continue holding down the valve until all the water exits the toilet. Wipe up any remaining water with the sponges and towels. Unscrew the water supply hose from the underside of the tank.

    • 3). Loosen the tank bolts on the bottom of the tank with a wrench. Depending on your tank, there may be two or three. These bolts usually have a slotted head so you can hold them steady with a screwdriver while unscrewing underneath. Lift the tank off the toilet.

    • 4). Unclip the plastic fill hose from the top of the overflow tube. Unscrew the plastic retaining nut at the bottom of the tank for the overflow tube. This is the nut in the center of the toilet tank underside. Lift the overflow tube and washer out of the tank.

    • 5). Slip the new rubber washer over the end of the overflow tube. Place a few drops of silicone grease on the bottom side of the washer. Insert the overflow tube and washer onto the mounting point in the bottom of the tank. Thread the retaining nut over the end sticking out of the bottom of the tank and secure.

    • 6). Replace the toilet tank on the back of the toilet. Drop the tank bolts in through the bottom of the tank. Secure with the tank nuts. Clip the fill tube to the top of the overflow tube.

    • 7). Wrap the water supply inlet with Teflon plumber's tape. Attach the water supply hose and tighten counterclockwise.

    • 8). Restore the water supply by turning the knob counterclockwise. Allow the tank to fill. Flush and check that the toilet is operating properly. Tighten any bolts as needed.

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