How to Obtain a Medical Assistant Job

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If you have done some research, by now you probably know that there are no specific requirements needed to become a Medical Assistant.
In the past, it was common practice for individual physicians and doctors to train their own Medical Assistants.
However, due to the rapid growth in demand, doctors and physicians no longer have the time to train you as a Medical Assistant (well, very few do have that time).
The most common way to become a Medical Assistant (also referred to as an 'MA') is to obtain either a certificate or associate degree by a school that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).
Before choosing a school or university, make sure that they are indeed accredited! Once you have completed your Medical Assistant Education, it is time to obtain your Certification.
Certification is usually achieved by taking the Certification Examination offered by the AAMA Certifying Board.
Once you pass your certification exam it is now time for you to obtain your Medical Assistant job.
In order to obtain your MA job, you will first need to prepare your resume.
Make sure to tailor it so that it prominently displays your educational achievement, as will as any experience you might have gained previously or via internships (some MA programs will have an internship included as part of the program requirements - we highly recommend this since it gives you "real life" experience).
Once your resume is done, you will also need to write a cover letter.
We recommend tailoring each cover letter to each individual employer.
This is a time consuming task, but think about it, you wouldn't want to hire someone who did not even take the time to personalize his or her cover letter for you.
Would you? Once your resume and cover letter are ready, it is now time to send them out! Use job-searching sites such as indeed.
com, monster.
com and even craigslist.
org to find potential employers.
If you do not hear back right away, do not be discouraged.
Try giving the employer a follow up call a week or so after you submitted your application.
As a last resource, you could also walk into nearby medical centers and clinics and fill out an application form, you never know if they are hiring.
This method is the most time consuming and less likely to give you results, however, given the face-to-face interaction, prospective employers will get a chance to see you in person - which could be a very good thing if you are professional and courteous.
Good luck job hunting!
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