How to Install a Galaxy Remote Car Starter

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    • 1). Examine the car carefully, making sure there are no electrical problems: Be sure all switches and lights work properly; listen to the engine to ensure it is working correctly--electrical and engine issues may affect the installation of a Galaxy remote starter. Verify that the vehicle is equipped with electronic fuel injection. Open the Galaxy remote starter package and read all the instructions and review the enclosed diagrams.

    • 2). Obtain a vehicle theft deterrent bypass module or code from the car alarm manufacturer, if the car is equipped with a vehicle theft deterrent--this type of module is required to disable the car temporarily.

    • 3). Mount the hood pin switch under the hood in a safe location, where it cannot get wet--this is a safety switch that prevents automatic starting when the engine is being serviced. Disconnect the negative battery connection from the battery, so that you don't cause any shorts.

    • 4). Remove the plastic panel present under the steering wheel, using a Phillips screwdriver (or by removing any plastic clips that may hold it in place)--refer to your vehicle manual for removal instructions. Screws and plastic clips may be hidden, so you need to carefully look for them. Refer to your car manual for instructions to disassemble the steering wheel.

    • 5). Locate the wires that you will use to connect the Galaxy remote car starter. Look for the power, ignition, power locks, temperature control, alarm system and radio wires. Use the Galaxy starter installation manual to refer to wire installation. Follow the wires to find the correct connection, or refer to your vehicle's manual to locate them.

    • 6). Secure the new wire connections with tie wraps, and place the wiring group away from moving parts in the steering column shaft. Note where you drill holes or use self-tapping screws, and stay clear of fuel lines and exterior wiring looms. Protect wire connections with electrical tape.

    • 7). Mount the control unit in the interior of the vehicle in an easily accessible area, yet not easily visible to thieves. Be sure the unit does not interfere with brake pedals or vehicle operational components. Reconnect the negative terminal in the battery and test the Galaxy remote starter.

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