What is Preselling Affiliate Products and Why Should You Care?

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Pre selling affiliate products is one affiliate marketing strategy that has been proven to work.
Many of the most successful affiliate marketers use this strategy effectively and so can you if you understand how to do it.
One problem that many affiliate marketers face is getting traffic to their affiliate website.
In reality you should not be sending traffic directly to your affiliate website anyway.
If you do that you are doing the same thing that thousands of your competitors are already doing.
You are better off to create a pre sell web page where you talk about the pros and cons of the product you are representing.
The only way to do that truthfully is to actually purchase the product that you are selling.
If you do this you will be doing something different from 99% of the other affiliate marketers representing the same product.
Most people will not buy the product that they are selling, and they will not create a separate webpage where they talk about it.
Most affiliate sales pages are very well written from a copywriting standpoint.
They are designed to help you get the sale.
However they are also hard hitting in their content and in how they approach taking a person from the top of the page to the order button.
With a pre sell page you can actually talk about features of a product and then stress to your visitor how that benefits them directly.
People are interested in features, but they make a purchase based on benefits.
You personally can benefit from a presell page as well.
For example you can get additional search engine traffic that you would not get if you are sending your visitor directly to your affiliate sales page.
You can do different things with your presell page and customize it anyway you want.
You cannot do that with an affiliate page because you are not hosting it directly.
Customizing your page allows you to try and get your visitor to interact with you in some way.
The best way to do this today is to use various forms of social media including video, audio, blogging, comments, and so on.
You can also build your mailing list from your presell page.
Every web page you create should have a sign up form on it anyway.
If you choose to use your blog to create presell pages you can get RSS subscribers off of it as well.
This can help you improve you presell page because with blogging it allows your visitors to post comments after they have read what you have written.
When creating a presell page for your product you should be honest.
You should point out anything you do not like about your product.
People are smart and they understand that not everything is going to be perfect.
Adding negative comments to a presell page does not have to hurt your sales.
You are better not to try to oversell anyway.
If all you do is list one positive comment after another and it doesn't become as believable to your reader.
You want to write in a conversational tone so that it does not sound like you are trying to sell your prospect.
You should be warming them up and then letting your affiliate sales page do the selling.
Another key thing is to focus on this page and not have links leading to other products or programs.
The best way to do this is to only link to your affiliate sales page and to do it in several places throughout your article.
Most affiliate sales pages are fairly lengthy so it is a good idea to keep your presell page focused and shorter in length.
You do not want to waste words and you can accomplish your goal with a shorter page anyway.
This is a few ideas on pre selling affiliate products by creating a separate webpage to send your visitors to.
If you follow this advice you will see that your affiliate sales will increase and you will ultimately make more money following this strategy.
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