Laundry Tips to Bleach Clothing White

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    Chlorine Bleach

    • When using chlorine bleach, it is important to never pour the bleach directly on your clothes as you may inadvertently cause a hole in your fabric. You should instead measure the bleach for your size load (follow manufacturer directions), usually no more than 1 cup for a top loading washer and 1/2 cup for a front loading washer. Add the bleach to the bleach dispenser tray, which is usually located under the lid of a top loading washer and above the door in a pull-out tray on a front loading washer. Some older top loading washers may not have a bleach tray so instead, add the bleach after the washer fills with water, but before you put your clothes in. Add your regular laundry detergent to your load as normal and use hot water, unless directed otherwise by your clothes' labels. If you are washing your clothes by hand, use 1 tbsp. of bleach per gallon of water.

      To dry, you can place the clothes in the dryer; however, hanging them in the sun will further help whiten your whites. If possible, hang them on a line that is in a north/south direction, which will expose the surface of your clothes to more sunlight.


    • Over time, bleach sometimes can wear out your clothes and, if you use too much, it can turn them yellow. Some people prefer oxygen bleach as an alternative to chlorine bleach. It is safe on colors and whites. It usually comes in a powdered form and is added directly to your laundry. Examples include OxiClean and Clorox 2. Baking soda also acts as a whitening agent, and adding a cup to your whites will keep them white over time.

      In addition, you should always pretreat stains with a stain removal product. This will help break down the stain, and keep the stain from setting into your fabric until you can launder it properly.

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