How To Remove Old Wallpapers From The Walls

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Wallpaper enhances the look of a room. With some efforts, you can make your room look more beautiful and attractive. Wallpapers give the walls, in fact the entire house, a complete new look. A picturesque background will have a positive impact on anyone. If you have a background of the Eiffel tower on your walls, you will get the sensation of being in France whenever you look at it! That's why wallpapers are seen in almost all houses.

But, when the background becomes too old, and it's about time to eliminate it, most of us try to delay it. It takes a little effort to choose and put the background than to eliminate it! It is always better to remove down old ones first, instead of covering new picture over them.

So, if you made the decision to remove down the old wallpapers to change it with a fashionable walls design then you must pay it an undivided attention. Depending on the quality of wallpaper and the situation of walls, you can use different techniques for eliminating wallpapers.

The process of eliminating wallpapers can really be difficult and frustrating, but you can save a lot of time and energy by following some simple instructions. These instructions are mentioned below:

The first step of wall paper removal is to find a loose edge on the wallpaper from where you can start peeling off the paper. Then spread the sheets of paper on the floor or carpet, as the substances used to remove wallpaper (like vinegar) might spoil the flooring, especially if it is wooden floor.

Using Hot Water

Hot water can be used to remove the wallpapers. It is also very effective to remove the stains. It also doesn't harm the walls surface. Make a little space between the wall and the wallpaper and tear it slightly so that hot water can go inside the gap.

You can use a sprayer for spraying the water inside the gap. After few minutes when it seems that the water has been soaked, scrap off the paper slowly.

Using Fabric Softener

Fabric softener makes it easy to remove the glue or gum. It softens the paper and removes it easily. Add about twenty percent of fabric softener to water in a sprayer. Spray only on a small portion, because if the solution dries up, all the efforts go down the drain.

Leave the solution for more than half hour. For very old wallpapers, leave the fabric softener for some more time. After the water soaks in the wallpaper, start scraping. Use a drop cloth for the remaining shreds. It will take you hardly fifteen minutes to remove the entire wallpaper using a fabric softener.

Try stripping the treated wallpaper from one corner. If only the top layer comes out, wait for another few minutes and allow the mixture to penetrate deeper.

Using Vinegar

Take equal amounts of vinegar and water, and put the solution in a spray bottle. Leave the solution on the wall for minimum twenty minutes, and then start scraping. Wipe away the left over and scrap off the paper.

All the above solutions are sure to work, but if they don't, try ammonia with hot water, followed by the same process as vinegar, as this is also an efficient wallpaper elimination home remedy. So, now you can start looking for pasting nature wallpapers!
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