How to Boost AT&T 2Wire Speed

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    • 1). Place the 2Wire modem as close to the phone plate as possible. Telephone cords do not provide much protection in shielding. Keep the phone cord as short as possible to get the best quality connection to your 2Wire modem, so that you can get the best reception outside of the modem.

    • 2). Connect to the 2Wire router using a wired connection instead of over Wi-Fi. Connections directly through the wire will always give you better speed and lower latency. Keep the computer close to the router if a wireless connection is a must; avoid having doors or walls between the computer and the router.

    • 3). Encrypt your router with a password. If your neighbors are able to access your Internet service because it is not protected, you will lose whatever speed they are using up. Use a password that is not easy to figure out -- the more complicated the better.

    • 4). Update your browser software to the most current version or try a new browser. Different browsers are optimized to run different websites better. If you find that you are having trouble with a specific website, try accessing it using a different Web browser.

    • 5). Close any programs that are running in the background and using up your Internet speed.

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