Using Electricity And Not Polluting The Planet

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Of course everybody wants to save money.
But why not save money and save the planet at the same time? The interest to save money is something that easily catches the attention of people.
Many sources of energy exist in our world but what we must be aware of is that we should also be considerate on how we use those energies when providing electricity so to as not contribute any pollution at the same time.
The solar and wind energy are two of the natural sources of energy that does not contribute to pollution.
Many electric companies have been using these kinds of energies to provide many people with electricity.
Such companies make a lot of money by making consumers pay for their services.
But a simple logic often slips out every people's mind.
If they can generate electricity from those wind and heat, then so can we.
Now only one question is left, and that is HOW? The most common and mostly used natural energies by people who are independent from electric companies are solar and wind.
And by the two kinds of energies, there are also two ways on how to produce electricity.
The first is the windmill, which generates electricity by the use of wind energy.
Though some people call it wind turbines because of the simple fact that it generates electricity from the wind.
This kind of energy system is very cheap and easy to build compared to other energy systems.
Having your own personal windmill will only cost you about 200 dollars.
Second is the solar panel, which makes use of the sun's heat to produce electricity.
Opting to go with this kind of service system will require you to make construct solar panels.
The panels then gather energy from the heat of the sun then converts it to electricity which you can then use for electricity on your home or store in a battery for later use, whichever you want.
What the majority of people does, who knows a thing or two about electricity production is they make the best out of these two energy systems by making one of each.
Naturally, owning your own energy system saves you money because the need to pay electric companies monthly is eliminated.
Generating more electricity from energy more than you require will even make you money.
You can sell the extra generated electricity to power plants or to certain people who are in need of extra electricity.
Depending on your electricity generation and consumption will your benefits be.
Being totally independent from monthly bills and payments to electric companies and helping save the planet really does give you a good feeling.
And also by the fact that you are not connected to any electric companies anymore, would only mean that you have contributed more socket and electricity flow to other consumers of electricity.
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