The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Auto Insurance Brokers

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So you need car insurance.
You're not alone.
Almost all drivers have to be insured.
Because of this, chances are that at some point in time you're going to be dealing with an auto insurance broker.
What exactly is a broker and what do you need to know when working with these individuals? If you want to be an informed buyer this is the information you need.
The first thing you need to understand is what makes auto insurance brokers different from car insurance agents.
Brokers work for you, the insurance buyer.
Agents, on the other hand, work for the companies that they sell insurance for.
Both agents and brokers can provide you with insurance from a variety of insurance companies and both work on a commission basis.
Auto insurance brokers, however, represent your interests while agents represent the companies whose policies they are writing.
Many people think that brokers charge more than agents or that working with a broker costs more than buying insurance from an auto insurance company directly.
This isn't the case.
Policy premiums will be the same and you don't have to pay a broker up front since they receive commission based on the policy you purchase from them.
That being said, never assume that calling one broker will get you the best deal just because they will get a variety of quotes for you.
Not all brokers work with every insurance company out there.
Because of this it is important to perform quote comparisons even if you are getting quotes from a broker.
Remember, a broker is just one of the tools you should use when obtaining auto insurance quotes.
If you want to find the best deal on car insurance you still need to perform your own research.
This means conducting online quote comparisons in addition to working with local auto insurance brokers.
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