How to Use Article Marketing Effectively

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The common chatter out there regarding article marketing is that it is a great way to promote your website including your products and services.
However, what is lost in all that chatter is how to do it effectively.
Leveraging The Power Of An Article It's quite easy to write an article around a certain keyword and start submitting it to various article directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles.
In fact, you no longer have to do it yourself because there are people all around the world who can do it on your behalf for a small fee.
Few people are aware that the real power of article marketing is not found in the content of the article.
There is no doubt that content is vital, especially when it comes to keeping the reader glued to the computer screen until the end.
Nevertheless, the resource box which accompanies each article is rarely used effectively.
This is what most people do.
They use the resource box to explain who they are and what they do and leave a link back to their website.
That's it.
The truth is that this is not an effective way of utilizing the resource box.
What most people don't know is that the resource box is there for you to make the reader take action.
Making an offer that is too good to refuse is how you achieve this.
Think about it this way.
You spend 400-600 words in the body giving them valuable information about a certain topic.
The resource box only gives you about 100 words to promote what you have to offer.
And you have to make the most of it! How To Effectively Use A Resource Box Most (if not all) article directories allow you to put 2 links in the resource box.
For argument's sake, let's assume that the article directory you are going to submit an article to allows you to place 2 links.
Here's how to use them: Link 1 - link to the main sales page of your main product and/or service Link 2 - link to an opt-in box where the visitor can get a free product and/or service The reality is that not everyone will be interested in purchasing what you have to offer right after reading your article.
In fact, most of them won't.
This is why you should use the second link to promote a free product and/or service which they can access by entering in their email address.
By doing this, you are able to send them good content as well as promotional offers by email after they have left your website.
The best part is that the entire email sequence can be completely automated with software such as Aweber.
By undertaking effective article marketing, you are making the most of a great source of back links.
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