How to Apply Stage Make Up

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    • 1). Wash the clients face and apply moisturizer. Let the moisturizer soak in for ten minutes so it leaves the skin moist, yet dry enough to serve as a makeup primer so the makeup will not cake or crease.

    • 2). Apply prosthetics and other special effects with molding wax or putty with spirit gum. Use a fixative to seal the prosthetics, such as Fixative A and allow 20 minutes for drying time.

    • 3). Apply eyelashes with eyelash adhesive. Create the look you want with the eyelashes, such as separating or curling them, and allow the eyelash adhesive to dry for 15 minutes.

    • 4). Apply the first layer of foundation. Use a foundation color that is one shade darker than the client's skin tone to prevent the skin from looking pale from the stage lights, unless your character needs a pale look.

    • 5). Apply a second layer of foundation for modern female characters and apply lip color. Modern male characters and all characters from a previous time span do not need a second layer of foundation, and only need a minimum amount of lip color.

    • 6). Apply eye makeup and use a fixative to seal in the stage makeup. Replace face powder with a fixative spray to give the makeup more setting and sealing power, preventing the stage makeup from smearing or melting under the hot stage lights.

    • 7). Ask the client to stand on the stage under the stage lights to see the results of your application. Go to the back of the theatre, judge the character's makeup, and make corrections or adjustments to the stage makeup as needed.

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