Fur Real Friends Cat, So Real We Can"t Tell the Difference

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Fur Real Friends are incredible, sweet and lifelike toys that behave just in the same way that real animals do.
The Fur Real Friends cat is a real sweetie, sitting up and lying down just like a real cat would! She responds to being touched and petted by purring and moving much in the same way that a regular pet cat would.
She is capable of moving both her head and neck in all directions, up, down, left and right.
Her ears can also move, and her eyes and mouth are capable of opening and closing.
Just like a real cat, she has facial expressions and swishes her tail to convey the emotions that a cat would convey.
When you pick her up, she moves her legs in a lifelike way as well.
The Fur Real Friends cat is so real, it's hard to tell the difference! She's just the right size to be your perfect companion pet, and loves to play with you and respond to your touches when you pet her.
Be careful not to pull her tail, however, as she will hiss at you just like a normal pet cat would! You have to take care of her just like a real live pet cat, making sure to treat her right and give her plenty of love.
The Fur Real Friends Cat has sensors in her head that are capable of detecting light, and sensors on her back, stomach and in her tail that detect petting, stroking and tail pulling.
Fur Real Friends Cats are designed to be magical companions and friends that literally spring into life in your arms.
These Fur Real Friends are designed to mimic the appearance, demeanor and actions of a real live cat.
They feature legs, head, neck and ears that are fully animated.
Eyes and mouth are both capable of opening and closing just like a real cat.
Your Fur Real Friends Cat will respond to stroking and petting, changes in the light, and even sounds.
Your Fur Real Friend has lifelike eyes and makes lifelike sounds that closely mimic the experiences you would have with a real pet cat.
However, requiring only 3 C batteries, which come included with your Fur Real Friend means owning this kitty is a lot easier on the budget, never mind that it does not have to be cleaned up after! Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? The Fur Real Pets [http://furrealpets.
com] Friends Cat is recommended for children aged 4 and up.
Because the Fur Real Friends Cat includes small and moving parts, older children can typically get more out of the Fur Real Friends Cats than those that are younger.
Insert three included C cell batteries and your brand new companion kitty will literally spring to life, offering truly lifelike motions, sounds and responses to your attentions.
These Fur Real Friends make excellent gifts, especially for children experimenting with the idea of taking care of a real live pet sometime in the future.
Before you bring home a real kitten or puppy, give your child a shot at caring for their very own Fur Real Friends Cat, which is as close as you can get to the real thing without requiring a litter box!
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