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It's raining men for Meredith on Grey's Anatomy, who will she choose? What happened to Desmond on Lost? What will Edie do when she finds out about Karl and Susan on Desperate Housewives? How will it all end on Alias? All those burning questions will be answered this May as things heat up on all your favorite ABC shows.

ABC May Sweeps Highlights:

  • On Desperate Housewives, the Betty Applewhite mystery finally comes to a startling conclusion. Tom will get fired from the ad agency. One of the housewives will discover her husband has been unfaithful. Edie hires a P.I. to track down Karl's "other woman." Wait until she finds out who it is. Zach's paternity will finally be revealed. I've heard rumors that one housewife may be pregnant -- and it comes as a very unwelcome surprise. How did they all wind up on Wisteria Lane? The answer to that question will be answered in the season finale. A new mystery will begin to unfold before the season ends, most likely leaving us with another tantalizing cliffhanger. The two-hour season finale airs on May 21st.

  • So many men, so little time, whatever will Meredith do? On Grey's Anatomy, Meredith will begin dating Finn (Chris O'Donnell) and by the end of the season, she will have to choose between Finn and Derek. Seeing as how O'Donnell has signed on for several episodes next season, my guess is she chooses Finn. The relationship between Izzie and Denny continues and by season's end, he will receive that heart transplant. The two-hour season finale airs on Monday, May 15th.

  • It's a month of hilarious courtroom antics on Boston Legal. Alan finds himself needing his own legal representation when he gets arrested for suggesting to his murder-suspect client that he flee the country. Robert Wagner guest stars as Ashley Goldman, a Senior Partner from the LA office. The season finale airs on May 16th.

  • The series may be coming to an end, but things are for from over for Sydney Bristow on Alias. Vaughn finally returns to Sydney and Isabelle on the May 17th episode. Sydney must team up with Sark to track down the final clue from the Rambaldi document before Prophet Five gets their hands on it. Rachel uncovers Tom?s secret -- will she turn him in or will he kill her to keep the secret safe? We have not seen the last of Irina, she will indeed be back before the big ending. By the series finale, one major character will die. The two-hour series finale airs on Monday, May 22nd.

  • You wanted answers and the season finale of Lost will give them -- but of course, there will be many more questions that will stem from the mind-blowing season finale. During May sweeps, we will get an Ana-Lucia-centric episode (May 3), a Mr. Eko-centric episode (May 10th), a Michael-centric episode (May 17th) and the finale will be one long Desmond-centric explosive outcome. The search will be on once again for Walt. A couple will be "coupling." Is Desmond connected to everyone? Yep, pretty much and we'll learn why. We'll finally learn why the Oceanic flight 815 crashed. I've also heard that a new hatch will be discovered, which will end the second season. Dr. Marvin Candle makes another appearance by season's end. The two-hour season finale airs on May 24th. Experience More Lost

  • On Invasion, another hurricane is brewing and everyone is running for cover. The hybrids will come after the humans, but Underlay and Russell are hot on their trail. Larkin, Jesse, Rose and Dave are kidnapped by humans who believe Underlay is the cause of the second hurricane. The season (possibly series) finale airs on May 17th.
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