What a Panic Attack Feels Like

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Panic attacks many times feel like you are having a heart attack.
In fact, many people do not seek treatment for anxiety related disorders until they experience their first full-blown attack.
If you are not sure whether you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks the following symptoms may help give you a clearer idea.
Fear The body is equipped with a response to danger called fight or flight, whenever our ancestors were faced with a dangerous situation adrenaline would course through their body preparing them to fight or run for their life.
This response is the same thing that is happening during a panic attack with one major difference there is no external stimuli.
This means that during a panic attack the body is responding as if it were in mortal danger, your heart rate will increase; you may experience trembling, shaking, sweats and outright terror.
People who have experienced this kind of anxiety attack describe it as the most frightening thing they have ever experienced.
Surreal On some occasions, people have described the sensations as feeling surreal like you are in a dream world, disconnected from the rest of the world.
This feeling in and of itself is scary as it tends to make people think they are losing their mind.
This sensation could be a result of any number of hormones that are released during a panic attack.
Circle Unfortunately, those who do not seek medical attention after the first panic attack may find themselves in a brutal circle.
Going out in public can trigger fear or alarm at having a panic attack in public and in reality, this fear is what sets it off.
In some cases, people actually begin to avoid leaving their home and become agoraphobic, which is a more severe panic disorder.
This is one reason it is vitally important to seek medical attention if you believe you have had a panic attack.
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