How to Decorate a Wood Paneled Wall With a Fireplace

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    • 1). Make a plan for the space. Determine what elements you'll want to work with and how much of the wall you'll want to cover.

    • 2). Select a series of photos you want to display. Black and white photos create a feeling of nostalgia, but they can also be a bit dark. Color photos can add spots of color to the area, which will help brighten it up.

    • 3). Try net lights as one of your lighting options. These lights cover a large area of the wall without overpowering it or taking away from other lighting sources. If you do go with net lighting, hang it from three or four nails that are spread several feet apart; it'll maximize the lights' coverage.

    • 4). Hang your photos. Don't be concerned about the net lights. You can easily hang the pictures, working around the netting. Filling the whole wall with framed photos is a great way to minimize the darkness of the paneling. Additionally, opting for metallic frames further enhances lighting options, because these frames will reflect the lights shining on them.

    • 5). Place pretty candle holders with bright colored candles on the fireplace mantle. Cluster accessories like silk grape leaves or ivy garland for extra color. Items like these also emphasize smaller areas instead of the one large paneled area. They also add more light and color to the area when lit.

    • 6). Adding accessories like old books, wine bottles, dried flowers or gourds or other floral arrangements to the mantle make it a focal point. These items provide contrast to the paneling and should, therefore stand out, drawing the eye away from the paneled wall.

    • 7). Put the fireplace screen in its place in front of the hearth. Go with something light in color and with a pretty pattern or scene. This will help to draw the eye away from the paneling as well.

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