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Of course, the teachers decide where to go. There has to be an educational slant to the trip otherwise parents wouldn't pay for their children to attend and the school simply wouldn't allow it. If the trip can be proven to add value to the students' education then it'll probably be a goer, and the amount of different subjects that they have to learn about these days mean there's no shortage of potential destinations.

Learning a language? Spend a week in one of the great cities of Europe, like Madrid, Paris or Berlin. Doing drama? Nip over the Atlantic and get to grips with New York's world-famous Broadway. Studying history? Visit the Normandy beaches to get a feel for World War II's D-Day or study the battle for Irish independence at its source in Dublin. With faster and cheaper transport options (especially with regard to air travel) than ever before and deals for school groups always available, there really is nowhere that you can't go.

Although these educational school trips, from transport to activities to accommodation, can be booked completely independently without any outside help, it's worth noting that there are companies operating throughout the UK and internationally which specialise in taking school groups and working with them throughout their stay to ensure that they have fun and learn something at the same time. These companies are more commonly found with a slant towards those students who have come abroad as a way of practising their languages skills in the appropriate country – classrooms and books only get you so far in this subject, so there's no better way to learn than by doing!

They often have their own accommodation for students and teachers to use (if they don't, they may have contacts nearby who are accustomed to dealing with school groups) and will provide meals and a full itinerary based on the age of the students (whether they're doing GCSEs or A-Levels, for example) and what, specifically, they're currently studying. The staff will be highly knowledgeable about the topics being covered and trained and experienced in dealing with schoolchildren. This does all sound too convenient to be true, so many of the companies offer teachers the chance to visit their premises for a night or two to see what's on offer before making any decisions as to whether they're going to book or not.

Schools travel can be an incredibly tiring thing to sort out, so taking advantage of an educational travel company could be just the thing to free you up to organise transportation and the million other little things that need dealing with when undertaking a task like this. Most of these companies have websites that include more information as well as giving interested parties the ability to request free quotes and availability dates, so they should search online for the biggest and best options operating in the country to which they're intending to take their students.
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