Tips on Choosing the Right Socks

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It is not always easy to know how to choose the right kind of socks.
If we did all know then sweating, blisters and swelling could be avoided! Use these tips to know hoe to buy the ideal pair of socks.
Keep your activities in mind.
Unless your goal is to open your own sock store, you don't need own multiple varieties.
  Pretty much just buy pairs suitable to your lifestyle.
As an example, if you're an athlete, you probably want padded socks for protection.
Take into account the weather.
As the temperatures go up, you should have socks that don't let your feet get too hot or get hurt.
For the cold seasons, your feet need insulated or padded socks to keep them warm.
If you love watching live sport outdoors, you can even get battery-operated heated socks! Make sure they fit really well.
The pair of socks you choose should not be overly flimsy or loose-fitting - don't let them persistently slip or get devoured by the soles of your shoes nor should they be overly thick either.
If you're tall, be sure the length from toe to heel is just right.
If they are too long, they will be uncomfortable around the toe.
Your sock length should be uniform, even on both sides.
So, if you are wearing boots, wear socks to an appropriate length to protect your legs from getting rubbed by the boot tops.
Check the workmanship of the socks.
Look within and outside.
Of course, there must be no holes in the socks when you buy them.
Another tip is that you can tell that your socks are high quality by the feel of the fabric.
 Select the type that is comfortable.
You don't want to waste cash on socks that are as rough as sandpaper.
If you are very active, cotton socks are not a good idea.
Though it is superb at soaking in sweat, cotton saturates quickly and is slow to dry - you will end up getting blisters.
For either cold or warm weather, merino wool absorbs wetness quickly and pads your feet - also it will not itch like the ordinary type of wool.
On the down side, it dries slower than synthetic materials such as nylon or spandex.
Synthetic materials are designed to absorb and quickly draw up wetness, padding the feet and drying quickly.
B remember synthetic will be less comfortable for hot weather.
Select colors that go with your other clothes.
Don't make a fashion faux pas! Navy blue or black slacks look good with dark colored socks.
  Natural tones go well with brown slacks.
Jeans and even workout clothes can go with a variety of colored socks.
It is quite simple to pick the right pair of socks.
  Look around, do some research and check out different stores to source out the best ones for you.
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