Will Weight Training Make a Woman Look Like a Bodybuilder?

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Many women spend hours and hours in the gym on the treadmill or other cardiovascular type equipment.
What they may be missing though is the benefits gained from incorporating a weight training program into their routine.
Oftentimes this is avoided by women because of their fear of getting too much muscle and looking like a female bodybuilder.
Without taking some sort of enhancement drug however, women typically can not gain mass amounts of muscle like that.
Women simply are not built to gain muscle like a man.
We don't have the amounts of testosterone in our bodies to do so.
What you are seeing with many female bodybuilders is simply unachievable without the aid of some sort of performance-enhancing drug.
Weight training for women should be an essential part of a work out routine.
Not only does it help to firm the underlying muscle structure, it increases a woman's metabolism exponentially.
The benefits are many-fold.
The appearance and tone of your skin gets better, you increase your strength, and you burn fat even when you're not working out because of your metabolism running so fast.
Training just cardio will not reap the same benefit.
When you look at the fitness women that grace the covers of all the popular magazines, those women train with weights.
It's the only way they can achieve that shapely, tone appearance.
The following list is the most commonly used weight training exercises.
Weight Training Exercises for the Upper Body Bench presses - One of the best overall upper body exercises, even for women.
Bench presses will help firm the underlying muscles in your chest and front of the shoulders, as well as develop core body strength.
Bicep Curls - A nicely toned bicep is essentially to an overall balanced look for the arms.
Shoulder Presses - More developed shoulders give the illusion of a smaller waistline and leaner lower body in general, traits that most women desire.
Sit-ups - Six pack abs are not just for men anymore.
Including the tried and true sit-ups into your exercises will help you to achieve this.
Tricep Pull Downs - The tricep muscle makes up 2/3 of the total muscle in your arm, yet we tend to ignore it.
In order to avoid that underarm flab you need to incorporate this tricep exercise.
Weight Training Exercises for the Lower Body Squats - This is one of the best overall exercises for your lower body.
Squats works every one of the muscles in your legs, including your hamstrings, quads, glutes and even you calves.
Leg Extensions - An excellent exercise for the quadriceps.
Hamstring Curls - Hamstring development helps to balance out the look of the leg.
This is an often overlooked muscle, but is key to strength and symmetry.
Calve Raises - Well defined calves are quite simply sexy.
Another muscle group that is often overlooked, be sure to incorporate this exercise into your routine.
So make sure to incorporate weights into your workout routine.
The positive results you'll achieve greatly out weigh the risks of gaining more muscle than you are comfortable with.
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