Your Wife Wants to Leave You - How to Save Your Marriage Before It"s Too Late

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Your wife wants to leave you.
It's not something you ever imagined would happen to your marriage.
You recognize that your wife and you have problems, but you had no idea of the gravity of what she was feeling.
Hearing that the person you love most in the world no longer wants to be with you is a cruel blow.
You're bound to feel a lot of conflicting emotions including anger and confusion.
Before you do or say anything you have to consider what you want for the future.
Even though it may feel as though the relationship can't be saved, it likely can.
You just have to learn the right approach you need to take to pull your wife back to you again.
It's important to face the situation head-on.
When your wife wants to leave you it's not because she's upset with you momentarily or she's trying to persuade you to see her side during a conflict.
Obviously, it's more deep seated than that.
She's unhappy and isn't finding fulfillment within the relationship anymore.
To her, the only solution at the moment is to leave you.
That speaks volumes about where her heart and head are at.
Look at your own actions and reactions during the course of the past few weeks and months.
Many women reach a point where they decide to leave their marriage because they feel they aren't being heard or validated.
Their needs are being ignored and they can't see themselves continuing in a relationship in which that is happening.
Have you been listening to your wife when she wants to talk about the marriage? If you're uncomfortable talking about your feelings or hearing her talk about her feelings, that has to change now if you want to save the relationship.
Obviously open communication takes time to establish, but you can still make it happen.
Explain to your wife that you want to talk with her about the marriage and what she's feeling.
Vow to keep your cool and truly listen and learn from what she's telling you.
Your wife has to become the most important person in your life if you want to save the marriage and get her to feel close to you again.
That means that you need to work each and every day at helping her feel valued and cherished within the marriage.
You can never tell her you love her enough so do it more than you have been.
Romance her again and be as open and honest as you can about the depth of your love for her.
Your wife needs to feel that you love her more than anything so get to work making that happen.
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