Why is She Withholding Sex?

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Women withhold sex for various reasons.
And here are a few and a couple tips on how to avoid it happening...
"Tiredness or Headache"...
I started with this because it is often the excuse that women always seem to use when they don't want to have sex.
But be a man.
Perhaps she actually is just tired.
Don't take it personally.
However, she sometimes isn't telling the truth.
In this case.
Try to work out what the actual reason is.
Or ask her yourself.
But don't let it become an argument.
These excuses are often because she's not in the "mood".
You should try to build mood and atmosphere before having sex and make it fun for her.
Boredom Sex should not be a favour she should have to do for you.
She will not want it if you make it a chore.
Make it fun for both of you and she'll want it more.
Make sure you include plenty of foreplay every time you have sex, unless it's clear that you're both looking for a "quickie".
Anger If you have done something to annoy her, she often won't want to have sex with you and be physically close, because you have pushed her away emotionally.
Anger can actually be quite a fun one.
Because who doesn't love make-up sex? The key is to genuinely resolve the issue.
But when doing to, don't look like you're just making up because you want to have sex.
Actually resolve the issue properly.
And then allow the sex to gradually escalate.
The "Ok...
we're friends now...
Let's have sex" approach will almost never work.
Manipulation / Punishment I know you may expect to find punishment in the "anger" section.
But soon, you will see why i have put it here...
In "anger", she is not punishing you with a lack of sex.
It is actually just because she does not want to have sex with you.
But when she is punishing you with a lack of sex.
It is not because she does not want it.
It is because she knows that she can control you by not giving it to you, despite the fact that she wants it too.
This is why i have put it with manipulation.
The way of getting around this is by becoming a good lover, and then letting her know that sex is not something she gives to you.
This is best done in the foundations of a relationship.
But it's not too late if you've been together for years...
It's just hard to break the habit.
Make it clear to her that you know she wants sex just as much as you do...
but in a non-confrontational way.
And let her know that you can hold out for just as long as her.
Cheating As I mentioned in the previous point.
Women need sex just as much as men do.
And if you don't satisfy her sexual needs with GOOD orgasmic sex, she will probably cheat.
This is no joke.
There are actually chemicals (such as oxytocin) that are released with orgasms that help her to feel attached to you.
And if you don't make that happen on a regular basis, she won't feel so close to you.
And you will drift apart.
The importance of orgasmic sex is underrated.
So if her sexual needs are satisfied by someone else, she won't want you.
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