How to Check Chain Wear on a X-458 Chain

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  • 1). Listen carefully to the sound of the chain. As the X-458 ages, it will stretch. This gradual stretching will create a clanking sound, particularly in places where the chain passes across a sprocket.

  • 2). Check the sprockets for wear. Look for areas of the sprockets which have been worn away or bent slightly out of shape. Sprocket wear is generally one of the first indications of chain wear.

  • 3). Measure the diameter of the chain pins with a caliper. In general, a reduction of 5 percent or greater in the diameter of the chain pins is considered significant. A reduction of 10 percent or more indicates that the chain should be replaced immediately.

  • 4). Measure the chain bushes with a caliper. The chain bushes are protected with a hardened coating that is 0.30 inches thick. If the chain bush is worn down by 0.30 inches or more, the chain should be replaced to avoid accelerated wear of the mechanism as the unhardened core of the chain bushes becomes exposed.

  • 5). Measure the chain pitch, which will gradually become greater over time. Most sprocket sets are equipped with a tolerance for a chain pitch as high as 5 percent greater than the original factory pitch of the chain. A 3 or 4 percent increase in pitch is generally sufficient to warrant replacement of the chain.

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