About Organically Grown Costa Rica Coffee

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Costa Rica's Coffee Production has reached great levels since the 1800s. They may have gone through rough patches but nowhere in the world would you be able to taste such intense flavor but the coffee coming from their lands. If you ask the locals, they would happily tell you that you need not buy gourmet coffee just to be able to experience the best tasting beans.

People in this country are taking their beans quite seriously since they have one of the best tasting coffee in the whole world. Just imagine where they are planting their coffee beans - 3,900 feet above the ground. This means that what they are about to harvest is nothing compared to the ones planted below this kind of height.

There are coffee varieties that speak about Costa Rican Coffee with pure reverence and satisfaction - the Mondo Novo and the Catuai. When you speak about you will be amazed at how the produces coffee would taste mild and sweet with a bright color but do not get shocked at the powerful jolt you will receive once you drink a cup alright? You see, organically grown coffee tastes a lot different that the usual way of planting coffee beans. They are not exposed to chemicals that would also have something to do with a more metallic taste after it has gone through the process of roasting.

The coffee farmers in Costa Rica take pride in their products since they have been trained to pick only the best looking cherries in order to deliver the full-bodied taste they are well known for. Roasting is their secret which makes it possible to achieve that kind of flavor and it is done by setting the roasting temperature to as high as 122 F.

If you are wondering what kind of blend is the Costa Rican Coffee, a mandate across Costa Rica states that no other blends are to be produced aside from this, you have to associate it with the Arabica blend. The reason for the Executive Order made in December of 1989 was that the fertile soil of Costa Rica is very much blessed to be able to nurture this kind of coffee variety. It is what makes it very popular so by decree, they should really stick to where they can produce premium coffee.

Most people still prefer the old fashioned way of brewing using a homemade device. Even though you are far away and is stuck in your modern, fast-paced world, the only thing you'd need is that roasted beans and you'll be fine. Coffee indeed offers a relaxing mood when enjoyed with friends and family. The Costa Rican coffee allows you to relieve clean mountain air and crisp breeze that blows your hair. Sure enough, at the first sip of such a remarkable blend, you would be transported to the land of berries and brew - Costa Rica.
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