How to Find a Stolen Car With a Vin Number

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    • 1). Find your VIN. Upon purchasing your car, the documentation that comes with it includes the VIN. The VIN is a combination of letters and numbers, and the beginning character is used to identify which country the car was manufactured in. Cars that were made before the mid-1980s have a different numbering system. To find the number for your older car, visit the Vehicle Identification Number site.

    • 2). Visit your local police station. The sooner you report your car as stolen, the better chance you have of finding it without wear and tear. On the police report, include as much information as possible about your car, including make and model, color and VIN.

    • 3). Use online VIN search sites. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has a search engine called VINCheck on its site that allows you to search for cars reported as stolen or salvaged.

    • 4). Wait for the local authorities to contact you. Although waiting around is the hardest part when your vehicle is missing, there is little that can be done until the police update you about the status of your stolen vehicle.

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