Why My Friends Think I"m So Smart

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Lately, my friends and associates have noticed I participate a lot more in political and medical discussions. They seem to think I have become a genius in the political arena (I know about superdelegates, McCain's ongoing gaffes about Irag and Iran). They are impressed at my apparent knowledge of some of the latest medical news (let's talk stents versus surgery, the benefits of clinical trials, and, lest we forget, the importance of compression only CPR). And on Monday mornings, I can go on forever about the latest events that were on public television and public radio news (not to mention my favorite game show).

Not only that, but as I become this learned genius, I am also becoming a more active person. Why, it's a win-win situation.

So, you may ask, what exactly have I been doing? What fabulous combination exercise/current events plan have I found? Where can one go to become active AND smart at the same time?

It's easy. I'm walking. As I walk, I listen to my podcasts. Several times a week, I update my recordings with the most recent news from various sources, as well as medical updates from a large medical/teaching hospital. Some of the newspapers also have daily health updates, so I get them, too.

There, you have my secret. It's so very interesting to be able to go outside (it is starting to warm up here in New England, which means I only wear two layers and a scarf, instead of snow pants and a hat), put these little earbuds into my head, and suddenly I am, as they say, off and running.

If the show is really interesting, I will walk the extra steps just to get to the end of it, whether its news or medical information. As a science geek, and a political junky, I have found this an enlightening and really quite painless experience.

Of course, I realize everyone doesn't share my choices in radio and news shows. My hope is to use my experience with using technology to get me walking regularly to motivate you to get moving!! You need to know there are ways to become more active without considering the psychological pain of getting your body in gear. I suppose it is a distraction for me, and I'm not thinking "oh dear, I need to walk another twenty minutes to meet my self prescribed goal." Rather I find myself thinking about the different people whose voices I've come to enjoy discuss current events.

Maybe you don't like politics, and that's possibly a good thing. You can find many other topics of interest to you on line-any one of which would feed your mind while improving your fitness. Music, cooking shows, why, many colleges post lectures that can be loaded onto music players to keep you company as you get your exercise.

My secret doesn't just apply to walking either, you know. If you don't like to walk outside, but prefer cycling or the treadmill, you can just as easily listen on the machines. Now, if you are a swimmer, I'm afraid I can't help you there.

So if you find yourself needing motivation to get moving, try my suggestion. You may not whistle while you work, but you can certainly listen while you walk.
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