Financial Tools for Savvy Fathers

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In many families, fathers have the responsibility for managing the family budget , investing for the future and paying the bills.  But often men are ill equipped to understand the intricacies of family finances and investing and need some help now and then to better manage their family's finances.  These tools from our experts will help any father learn more about his financial responsibilities and make smarter long term money decisions for his family.

1. Setting Family Financial Goals

A family financial plan and regular budget should be based on shared financial goals in a family.  This guide will help fathers and their families decide what is important, work together and establish meaningful financial goals.   More »

2. Tips for Creating a Family Budget

While a family budget can seem complicated, it is one of the most important components of a stable family financial plan.  Budgets can be done monthly, weekly or bi-weekly and can help define the things that the family feels are most important financially.  And budgets help families make financial decisions in the context of their overall goals and objectives.More »

3. Getting Out of Debt and Staying Out of Debt

Families who plan carefully can largely avoid debt except for the most expensive family assets.  But if a family does find themselves in excessive debt for one reason or another, there is a way out.  This plan will help any family better understand their financial situation and reduce and eliminate their consumer debt quickly. More »

4. Top Software Picks for Personal Money Management

Choosing the right software tool for managing your family's money can be tough. Knowing which one will best meet your family's needs is almost impossible without some expert help. About Financial Planning Expert Jeremy Vohlwinkle has prepared an excellent comparison of the most frequently used financial management software tools for families.More »

5. Best Online Personal Finance Software Apps

Many families prefer to use online tools to manage their money rather than buying personal computer software for that purpose. Financial Software Expert Shelley Elmblad offers a list of the most popular online applications for personal and family money management which can help a dad sort through the online options.More »

6. Best iPhone Personal Finance Apps

Shelley also created a really helpful list of personal financial tool apps for the iPhone that can help fathers better figure out and keep track of their personal and family finances. Programs like Mint, SplashMoney and PocketMoney are great additions to your iPhone that will help you focus on managing your money.More »

7. Top Ten Online Money Calculators

Former Financial Planning Guide Deborah Fowles scoured the web to find some of the very best financial calculators to help fathers and families make decisions about their finances. These tools include a debt planning and pay-down calculator, a loan payment calculator, a retirement planning tool and a calculator for figuring out whether or not to borrow from your 401k account.More »

8. Debt Reduction Software Options

Another list from Shelley Elmblad concerns debt reduction software choices.  With these tools, you can enter all of your credit card and consumer loan information like balances, interest rate and monthly minimum payments and calculate how much to pay each month to most quickly reduce your personal and family debt.  These are great and inexpensive tools to help your get your family's debt better under control.More »

9. Online Help for Deciphering the ACA

The Affordable Care Act has raised a lot of questions for families hoping to better manage their health care costs.'s Shelley Elmblad offers a list of good online resources for better understanding the impact of the Affordable Care Act (or "Obamacare" ) on your family's financial plan.More »

10. Before You Begin Investing: Five Things to Consider

If you are just starting out your family and need to start saving and investing for the future,'s Miriam Caldwell offers some important advice. Check out her five important questions for beginning investors and learn how to best think about your investment options.More »
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