CNA Review: Study Indirect Care or You"ll Be Sorry

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An instructor watching your move, taking notes, and ultimately deciding whether you have passed the CNA certification exam or not can be an unnerving experience. Since the skills portion is a timed test, even more pressure is felt by examinees. This pressure creates extra stress causing mistakes to be made while demonstrating skills. Even minor details, no matter how minor they may seem, can greatly impact the result of your exam, which is why an adequate CNA review is absolutely necessary. If you do not demonstrate Indirect Care practices during your exam, you will surely fail since they directly affect the safety of patients and their rights. Additionally, Indirect Care is extremely important because: (1) It is a rated performance, (2) It has separate score ratings, and (3) It greatly affects the testees' overall performance during the skills exam.

Always pay attention to your behavior in terms of communicating with the resident, valuing the residents' rights, providing safety and comfort to the resident, and following proper infection control (standard precautions). One of the important skills in performing Indirect Care are the following:

1. Communication. Communicate with the resident respectfully and in a dignified manner by simply following the basic courtesy before and after performing the care.
2. Respect your resident's Rights.
3. Check your resident's Safety and Comfort.
4. Follow rules in Infection Control.

These are few things to remember, however, always remember the golden rule when performing CNA skills:

1. Knock on the door before entering the resident's room
2. Pull down the curtain (if you are performing perineal care or giving resident a bath)
3. Always put the call light within the resident's reach
4. Wash your hands before and after performing care.

It is important to keep in mind the Indirect Care procedures. You wouldn't want you to be among the aspring CNAs that fail their skills exam simply because they were not well-prepared or forgot Indirect Care entirely. Remember all the rules and standard precautions you have learned from your CNA training classes. Evaluators will allow for corrections; in case you forgot something, you are free to correct it, and immediately proceed to the other clinical skills. As long as you remain calm and make sure you think through the clinical skills sets, then you should be able to pass the CNA clinical exam with relative ease.
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