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    • Whether you are a parent wanting to enrich your child's understanding of the Bible or a Sunday school or Bible school teacher, you can use a variety of Bible stories, games and activities with children. These games and activities will help children remember the important lessons from the Bible stories they read and will leave a lasting, positive impression of the Bible characters they meet along the way.


    • The creation story is the first one in the Bible that most children will encounter. Help children learn how God created all the animals and the first man and woman. Have them create their own animals by making "creation crayons." In this idea from, you simply gather up old broken crayons and melt them down, then pour them into animal-shaped molds. When the molds are firm the new crayons are ready for coloring.

    Noah's Ark

    • When children hear the story of Noah's Ark, they learn about God's promise never to destroy the earth with a flood again. Remind them of this promise by helping them make rainbows. Cut a paper plate in half and let children color it with rainbow stripes. Then glue cotton balls to the ends for clouds, and have the children hang the sign on their bedroom doors as a reminder of God's promise.

    Follow the Commandments

    • Play a game of "Simon Says" with the children. Then ask them why they moved the way they did during the game (the answer is because "Simon said"). Talk to them about the things God wants them to do, and remind them that winning the game is like pleasing God by doing what he said. Follow this with a reading of the Ten Commandments from the Bible and explain God's commandments to the children.

    Sequential Lessons

    • If you teach several lessons in a sequence to illustrate a larger topic (such as Christmas or Easter), use a decorated shoe box with each lesson. At the end of every lesson, put a small item in the shoe box to represent that day's lesson. With each subsequent lesson, review the items in the box before placing in a new item. For instance, items in a box for Christmas lessons might include a coin for Mary and Joseph's journey to pay taxes, a small sheep or piece of wool for the angel appearing to the shepherds, a baby doll for Jesus' birth, and a golden jewel for the visit of the Three Wise Men.

    Mustard Seed Faith

    • Let children see the size of an actual mustard seed to illustrate Matthew 17:20, where Jesus tells his followers that faith the size of a mustard seed is enough to do the impossible. Give each child a mustard seed and let her press it into a small piece of modeling clay, then poke a hole through the top of the clay. When the clay dries she can keep it to wear as a pendant and a reminder of the faith in God she needs to have.

    Fishers of Men

    • Teach the children about fishing for other people; in other words, sharing the gospel. Make a fishing pole out of a long stick with a magnet tied to the end with string. Place small construction paper cutouts of people in an empty plastic baby pool, and attach magnetic strips to the backs. Before putting them in the pool, write down examples of ways children can share the gospel (such as inviting a friend to church or giving out Bible verses in valentine cards). When a child fishes out a person, he can read what you have written and share the idea with the group.

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