Why Exercise?

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Lackadaisically slouching in the couch whole day with a bag of chips in your left hand and the t.
remote in your right, is the surest way to drain your pockets just paying up hospital bills.
Why choose this sedentary lifestyle and embrace life's brevity when you can turn the tables around and spin it in your palms? Take control of your life and start trekking the healthy life.
Exercise! Exercising offers countless benefits more than you can ever imagine.
Most of which are pretty obvious; you may have even learned them in kindergarten.
But let's take another quick look at some of the benefits so you will be compelled to insert "exercising" in your daily routine.
(1) Lose weight and trim your body At some point in our lives, metabolism slows down.
In effect, we store energy in the form of fats in our thighs, stomach, arms, etc.
But this fat deposition only occurs if we take in energy more than we can ever consume.
Bringing our body in motion will tap our cells to breakdown the stored body fat which will then be utilized as energy.
Burning energy more than we can consume is the key to losing weight and trimming our body.
(2) Prevent heart diseases One of the most common causes of deaths (especially in industrialized countries) is heart disease.
There comes a point when the heart literally stops beating.
But it frequently volunteers to stop beating on its own not because of old age and the cardiac cells have senesced but because of unwanted fat depositions in the arterial walls.
Eating fatty foods will clog the arteries and thus, make the passage of blood narrower.
As a consequence, the heart will exert greater effort just to squeeze in gallons of blood so the cells will be nourished.
The heart will beat faster and faster until it will be brought to a full stop.
Exercising can prevent this from occurring.
When you exercise, the arterial walls will be stretched and will become more elastic.
It will then be easier for the blood flow and your heart won't have to work very hard.
(3) Reduce the risk of getting cancer People who exercise have lower risk of acquiring cancer.
This phenomenon has been widely observed.
In men, those who exercise are less prone to getting prostate cancer.
Same holds true in breast cancer for women.
Some studies link the occurrence of breast cancer to lack of exercise.
They have observed that women with breast cancer usually had years of elevated estrogen levels.
Estrogen level goes down when a woman exercises.
Constantly exercising, thus, will decrease the risk of a woman from getting breast cancer.
(4) Beautiful skin Sweating while you exercise promotes the excretion of toxins.
People who do not exercise are prone to developing pimples and blemishes in the face.
Toxins accumulate in your pores when you don't exercise.
In contrast, when you do, these are excreted.
Look at exercise as a way of letting your skin breathe.
(5) Feel good and boost your self-esteem Your body releases endorphins when you exercise.
Not to mention, this hormone is one of the few compounds that are naturally produced in the body to make you feel good.
Also, when you get the trimmed body you desire, even without the hormone's presence, you will feel a lot better about yourself.
The way you see yourself will also be uplifted.
In exercising, there is nothing to lose but fats.
The rest are yours to gain.
Why not drop that remote control and control your life now?
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