Affiliate Article Marketing, is it Right For Your Affiliate Business?

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Most of us have ignored articles as a method of promoting our various affiliate programs and this should not be the case.
Whatever promotion method you adopt in your affiliate marketing campaign, articles should always be one of your strategies.
If you use promotional articles as your main affiliate traffic strategy then I say you have made the right choice.
This is because there is no other online affiliate traffic generation strategy that is as effective as well written promotional articles.
When I started my affiliate marketing business some years back, I didn't know which marketing strategy to use.
I then decided to use some of the various techniques available - one of which was articles marketing.
I tried the various techniques including PPC (pay-per-click) and none gave me the kind of result I was looking for.
Though PPC gave me a good number of sales and traffic, I wasn't still satisfied with what I got.
In contrast, my promotional articles kept on bringing tons of traffic and sales even after a long time of submitting them.
That indeed was what made me to focus all my affiliate marketing efforts on promotional articles till today.
And I must say here that articles marketing has paid off.
The beauty of articles marketing is that it give you the extra opportunity to inform your visitors about what you have to offer.
This is not the case when it come to other advertising methods that you pay for.
For example in PPC you are only allowed to write very few words as ads and these words are not enough to give very detailed information.
Are they? What this means is, with your articles, you are able to give very detailed info about the benefits of the program you promote.
This will keep your prospects abreast of the information that they will find on your main affiliate program page.
And that is what gives them the urge to want to find out more from you.
Your articles will continue to get you more traffic and actual sales if you make sure that you always write about what it is in it for the visitor and not try to sell something.
Don't ever mention the name of your affiliate product or company in your articles.
It will only reduce your chances of converting your visitors into sales.
Instead focus on how your articles will solve the problems faced by your visitors and then position your recommended program as the solution to their problem at the end of the articles.
Using this technique I was able to make 30 affiliate sales in 2 days with only 10 articles.
Articles marketing is right for your business and you should adopt it.
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