Assembly Instructions for an Auto Canopy

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    • 1). Set the tubes on the ground in front of you. Place ten canopy frame tubes in a rectangle outline with two tubes on the ends and three tubes on each side. Place three frame tubes, end to end, in the center of the outline reaching from one end of the roof frame down the middle to the other. Use the remaining four frame tubes to divide the rectangle into six squares, total. This will form the outline of the canopy roof frame.

    • 2). Connect the frame tubes to the three way tube fittings to make the corners. Insert the frame tubes at the corners, into the three way tube fittings connecting each corner of the canopy frame. Use the four way fittings to attach the side canopy frame tubes. The sides of the roof frame should all be connected.

    • 3). Insert the frame tubes in the middle of the auto canopy frame to the four way fittings on the sides of the canopy frame. This will be the center of the roof.

    • 4). Lay the tarp cover over the roof of the auto canopy. Use ball ties to attach the tarp to the canopy frame to the grommets on the tarp cover. Ball ties consist of a small bungee cord loop connected to a plastic ball with the hole in the center. Place the ball tie bungee loop through the grommet and insert the bungee cord loop through the center of the ball tie. Pull the bungee loop through the other end of the ball tie. Repeat this step until all the ball ties have been tied securing the tarp cover to the auto canopy frame.

    • 5). Attach the leg poles to the auto canopy frame. Lift on end of the auto canopy with your hands. Insert a leg pole into the remaining slot on the three way corner fitting. Attach a leg pole to the other corner. Lift the other end of the auto canopy frame and attach the leg poles to the remaining corners. The canopy has a total of eight legs, four on each side.

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