Using Household Products to Clean Carpet in Your House

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Having carpet will require you to do the maintenance to make it looks great.
You will be very happy when you have clean and nice carpet in your house won't you? Thus, you should clean it regularly so that it will always clean.
In this matter, you do not need to waste your money and your time for going to the store to get the carpet cleaner that you need for cleaning your carpet.
You can make by using household that you have.
You will find that the steps to do this are very easy.
You should combine 1/4 c.
mild liquid dish detergent.
Make sure that the detergent contains no bleach or alkaline.
Mix it with 1 gallon warm water.
Make sure that you mix it thoroughly so that you can get the perfect mixture 2.
To ensure you that the solution will not create discoloration on your carpet, you should test it.
In this case, you should select a spot in the carpet.
Make sure that the spot is out of plain view.
In this spot, you can do the test so that you will see the effect of the solution to your carpet.
When the solution is ready, you can lightly spray it on carpet in small, workable areas.
For example, you can spray it on 2 to 3 square feet of your carpet.
As another way, you can dip sponge in solution and wring it lightly so that the sponge is not dripping and sponge solution onto carpet.
You will need a medium-bristle brush for doing the next step.
The brush is very useful for scrubbing the solution into fibers.
After that, you should dip a clean sponge into clean water before wringing it lightly.
You should go over worked area in order to remove excess solution.
Make sure that you repeat this step until you find that there is no soap comes off onto sponge.
Next, you should move onto next area up to all areas of the carpet are clean.
After you have finished with the process, you should use a white, clean, lint-free towel to blot all areas so that the areas dry.
If you find any stubborn stains you should use a toothbrush for cleaning the stains.
And after the carpet is dry, you should use a stiff-bristled brush to raise the nap and fluff carpet.
Those are some simple things that you should do when you want to clean your carpet by using the household products that you usually used in your house.
Surely, this will be great ideas when you are about to save your money for other needs.
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