Avoid Over Exercise to Keep Your Body in Good Conditions

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Doing daily workout can be good to the body, but sometimes closely-held only on weekends. Nevertheless, avoid extravagant exercise on weekends. Workout is important for keeping a healthy physical structure, some physically and mentally. Nevertheless, some people who hurt himself by too much exercising.
Most people are not acquiring enough workout time on a weekday, so that he will workout as much as possible on weekends. In fact, this condition can be unsafe and hurt himself. This status is often called the weekend syndrome.
People who impose themselves over exercise can track to injuries such as shin splints or strain the muscles. This condition is intelligibly not the exact way to workout. Small exercise is done every day could be more healthy and less likely to cause hurt than extravagant exercise on the weekends.
You should know the ability of the body, particularly if you happening severe weakness accompanied by lightheartedness, chest pain, improper heartbeat, and pain, you should instantly stop workout and rest.

Indications of Exercise Addiction

  • Choosing exercise rather than spend time with friends or family
  • Very late night workout
  • Keep doing workout when sick or tired
  • Cannot sleep when not doing exercise
  • Overwhelming in workout records
  • Choosing exercise rather than go to school or work
  • Having some symptoms when not doing exercise
  • Get much injury because of over-exercising

Even then, there are some things you can do to obviate injury/addiction and can work out safely:

  • Always warming up with some physical exercise to assist the body set to the next exercise magnitude increased. Creating a advanced exercise program, such as knowing the condition and fitness level. Gradually increase the intensity and duration per week of training programs that exist.
  • Avoid exercise if your body is ill or feel sickly. If it had recovered, start slow and step-by-step. Safekeeping your body in great condition to prevent weakness, try to drink before, during, and after workout.
  • Wear cozy wearing apparel and fabrics that absorb sweat and loose. For women, pick out that can assist the breast well. Cool down after workout to assist the body return to normal conditions as well as keep the muscular tissue stay flexible.
  • Find some good recommendation help from a good exercise trainer.
  • You can do yoga or breathing workout rather than heavy exercising.
  • Take exercise at least once a week and at most four times a week with each interval time at most 30min.
  • Identify the limitation of your body before taking a workout.

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